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Web Template Specifications Guide

SmartCatalog hosts your online catalog and template. SmartCatalog's intent is to a create web template that replicates your Institutional website. Please provide web pages that accurately reflect your Institution's website. If you are undergoing a redesign, please guide us to pages on your development site. We will use these pages as guidance when creating the web template for your catalog.
Please note that screenshots will not allow us to pull the needed information to create your catalog site, please provide website URL’s. If you wish for the catalog site to appear slightly different, please provide a branding guide or create a mock page that will allow us to pull the necessary information.
Guidance on the following types of information is needed to create your web template.


Some schools prefer to minimize the information in the header/footer to reduce complexity, error, and broken links. Consider what information you may want to include. By default, we will match the header/footer of your site. Please note, because we are hosting your catalog, if information in the header/footer is changed on your site, we need to be notified in order to replicate that change.

  • Banner image/style/text
  • Background images/colors
  • Footer styles/text

Navigation Links:

  • Global navigation links/Navigation styles>
  • This is referring to the left or right hand navigation of the web catalog.
  • Link styles
  • Often text that is linked will appear differently than regular text. Please point us to an example of a hyperlink.


These sections refer to the bulk of the information located on a page. We need to understand how basic paragraph text, indented text, spacing, headers, colors, fonts, and table styles should appear on a page.

  • Fonts/font colors
  • Content styles
  • Heading/subheading styles
  • Lists (bullets, numbering)
  • Tables